The "Pie"s were all magazines published to raise money for various Benefit Funds;  "Printer's" and "Winter's Pies" were for the Printers' Pension, Almshouse and Orphan Asylum; "Pelman Pie" was for the Newspaper Press Fund; "Sea Pie" was for the King George's Fund for Sailors; "Scout Pie" was for the Boy Scout Fund.

Pleae note that not all of these images have been positively identified as contributions to these publications, some have been assumptions.  If you have any more correct identification of where some of these images appeared, please let me know & I'll correct it!


The Descent of Man.

Noontide Reflections.

The Last Man


A howling success.

"He who would the daughter win..."


Enormous(e) possibilities.

Making the best of things.

Next, please!

Testimonial from an amateur athlete.

At the Zoo.

"Some" baby girl!


Why the elephant got the sack.

The explaination.

Visitor & Mrs. Biggs.

Doctor & Mrs. Brown.

"They'll never believe me!"

Farmer Giles.

"Once upon a time there was a cake of soap - some cake!"

Dog "Studdys".


Awkward moments - I

Awkward moments - II

Awkward moments - III

Awkward moments - IV

"It is morn".

"The power of the human eye".

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