Published by British National Newspapers, Britannia magazine started in 1928 as a weekly issue, then becoming monthly.  It included fiction by A.M. Burrage, Frank Maynell, Elinor Mordaunt, C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne.  It merged with Eve magazine in May 1929.  This contribution by Studdy was in an early issue.

Square Cats

Uusi Suomi

A Finnish newspaper publication.  Bonzo was sindicated to this newspaper by King Features Syndicates, Inc.  I don't know how many were in the series, this is the only example I've seen.

Bonzo - Vesikauhuako?

A weekly publication that ran from 1922 to 1940, when it was merged into the London Opinion.  Studdy's work appeared in it several times.

The Adventures Of Ooloo

The Adventures Of Ooloo

The First Rise of Summer

A one-off publication of 100,000 copies created by the Committee of "The Tribute" on the anniversary of "His Majesty's Recovery", 1930 [King George V].  All proceeds from it's sale and advertising were donated to The 'V.C.' Fund [Victoria Cross].  Many artists, authors and advertisers of the Empire contributed, including Studdy.

Bonzo's Accident Trick

The "School Print"

Published sometime in the 1930s as part of a set of prints aimed at primary school classrooms.  The set was titled "Teaching In Practice For Infant Schools", and comprised of 75 different images including one by Mabel Lucy Attwell, a Mickey Mouse (courtesy of Disney), and this wonderful Bonzo by Studdy.

Naughty Bonzo

The Ancient Order Of The Froth Blowers

A one-off special image for the Froth Blowers, a beer drinking society, date unknown.  Studdy did the occasional illustration for their Annual, but this is printed/mounted on stiff card and the froth is actual cotton wool!

The more we are together - the merrier we'll be!


Another print from an as yet untraced publication, though most likely an annual.

Bonzo at the party

Valentine Christmas Crackers

A set of Christmas Crackers were produced by Valentine & Sons. of Dundee, famous for their numerous postcards.  They each had a stuck-on image of Bonzo on the cracker.  It is unknown how many were in the set, but here are three known examples.

A special article written by Studdy for the Spillers Dog Journal New Year Number 1932.

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